Specialized Care for Low Back, Neck, and Thoracic Pain

At Freedom Spine & Pain, we understand the profound impact of low back, neck, and thoracic pain on your daily life. Whether caused by age-related changes, work-related strain, or underlying health conditions, these issues demand individualized care to relieve discomfort and enhance your quality of life.

Understanding Low Back, Neck, and Thoracic Pain

Root Causes:

  • Aging Effects: Degenerative changes in spinal discs and joints.
  • Occupational Factors: Repetitive movements, poor ergonomics.
  • Underlying Issues: Herniated discs, arthritis, spinal alignment issues.


  • Low Back Pain: Persistent ache, limited mobility, radiating pain.
  • Neck Pain: Stiffness, headaches, discomfort extending to shoulders.
  • Thoracic Pain: Mid-back discomfort, stiffness, reduced flexibility.

Tailored Treatment Approach

Holistic Assessment: Our comprehensive evaluation aims to understand the underlying cause of your pain, incorporating medical history, imaging, and diagnostic tests.

Personalized Care Plans: Customized treatment plans addressing your specific condition, integrating:

  • Physiotherapy and targeted exercises.
  • Minimally invasive pain relief procedures.
  • Medication management and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Interventional techniques for precise pain relief.

Via Disc NP Allograft and Your Relief Journey

Innovative Treatment Option: Via Disc NP serves as an allograft for degenerated intervertebral discs, complementing our range of treatments to revitalize spinal health.

Focused Intervention: Administered through a non-surgical procedure, Via Disc NP aids in rejuvenating intervertebral discs affected by age-related wear and tear.

Partnering for Your Recovery

Our commitment extends beyond treatment – we prioritize empowering you through ongoing support and education on self-management strategies.

Continued Support: Regular consultations allow us to track progress and fine-tune your treatment plan for optimal results.

Lifestyle Guidance: Empowering advice on posture correction, ergonomic modifications, and lifestyle adjustments to prevent exacerbation of your condition.

For specialized care targeting low back, neck, and thoracic pain, connect with our dedicated team at Freedom Spine & Pain. Let us help you regain comfort and control over your life.

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