Intraarticular Injections for Pain Management

At Freedom Spine & Pain Center, we understand the challenges individuals face when managing pain associated with arthritis in joints such as shoulders, hips, and knees.

Intraarticular injections, a specialized form of treatment, have proven effective in reducing arthritis pain and inflammation. Our team of dedicated specialists offers a range of injection therapies tailored to address joint-related pain and improve functionality.

Types of Intraarticular Injections

  • Steroid Injections: Injections of steroids directly into the affected joint, particularly for shoulders, hips, and knees, can significantly reduce arthritis pain and inflammation. Steroids work by suppressing inflammation and decreasing pain sensations, providing relief and improving joint function.
  • Biologic Substances: For certain cases, injections of biologic substances like hyaluronic acid or other specific agents can lead to substantial improvements in joint function. These substances aim to restore the natural lubricating properties of the joint fluid, reducing friction and improving mobility.
  • Peripheral Nerve Blockade and Radiofrequency Ablation: In arthritis-related cases where traditional treatments may not suffice, we may opt for peripheral nerve blockade followed by radiofrequency ablation. This specialized approach, especially useful in knees (even after knee arthroplasty), targets nerves to disrupt pain signals, providing sustained relief and improved function.

Benefits of Intraarticular Injections

  • Pain Relief: Intraarticular injections offer targeted relief by directly addressing pain and inflammation within the affected joint.
  • Improved Functionality: Reduction in pain and inflammation often leads to enhanced joint mobility and functionality.
  • Minimally Invasive: These procedures are minimally invasive compared to surgical interventions, with generally low risks and quick recovery times.

Comprehensive Approach

At Freedom Spine & Pain Center, with locations in Boerne, Kerrville, and San Antonio, our team assesses each patient’s condition thoroughly to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

Intraarticular injections are part of a comprehensive pain management strategy that may include physical therapy, medications, lifestyle modifications, and other interventional procedures tailored to individual needs.

Customized Care for Pain Relief

We believe in providing personalized care to our patients. Our specialists collaborate with individuals to understand their specific pain concerns and goals, tailoring treatment plans to achieve optimal results and improve overall quality of life.

Find Relief with Freedom Pain & Spine

If you are experiencing joint pain related to arthritis and seeking effective relief, contact Freedom Spine & Pain Center at our locations in Boerne, Kerrville, or San Antonio, to schedule a consultation. Discover how intraarticular injections, among other comprehensive pain management approaches, can help you regain mobility and live a more comfortable, pain-free life.

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