Stem cells are miracle workers. They are like biological chameleons, taking on the properties of surrounding cells. With their transformative abilities, stem cells can generate new bone, cells, and tissue to help patients manage joint pain and even avoid surgery.

At Freedom Spine & Pain Center, we embrace the next generation of human health and offer our patients advanced treatments like stem cell therapy to help them heal. Read on to learn more about how stem cells for back pain may help you or a loved one avoid surgery.

Stem Cells Can Regenerate Discs

Discs are fluid-filled sacs between the bones in your back (vertebrae) that allow for flexibility and offer cushioning. They act as built-in shock absorbers, allowing you to move while providing structural support to the spine.

When discs break down, or degenerate, this causes inflammation. The body then receives pain signals from the inflamed area. This progressive condition can also cause herniated discs, which bulge or slip out of place, a curved spine (scoliosis), or narrowing around the spine (stenosis).

Stem cells show promise as a non-surgical treatment for degenerative disc disease; research has shown their ability to transform a worn, damaged disc into a strong, healthy one.

Does Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain Work?

Effectiveness depends on the injury or condition affecting your spine; clinical trials have found that stem cells can effectively treat back pain in many conditions, which may delay or eliminate the need for surgery in some cases.

2022 study found that among patients who received stem cell injections for lower back pain, 40.7% had less pain, and 30% showed functional improvement. The research surrounding stem cell therapy for the spine is still growing.

So far, we know that it can dramatically improve patients’ comfort levels and improve their quality of life in many cases. For many, this could mean getting the relief they so desperately need without going through back surgery and its often lengthy recovery.

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