Experiencing frequent pain in your lower back and legs may indicate dysfunction in your sacroiliac joint. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a condition that results in extreme pain or discomfort due to flawed movement in the sacroiliac joints at the bottom of the spine. The sacroiliac joints are responsible for providing stability but can experience dysfunction when you are performing too little or too much movement.

Freedom Spine & Pain Center provides sacral lateral branch blocks, later combined with radiofrequency ablation, to treat sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Discover how sacral lateral branch blocks provide relief from sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

What Is the Sacroiliac Joint?

The sacroiliac joint is located at the bottom of the spin, right above the tailbone. It connects the bone shaped like a triangle at the bottom of the spine (sacrum) with the pelvis. There are two located on either side of the pelvis.

A flaw in this joint can lead to pain in the hips, back, buttocks, groin, and legs. Some may even have sensations like pins and needles and numbness.

How Is Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Diagnosed?

Pain in the sacroiliac joint can mimic other forms of back pain conditions, such as disc herniation and radiculopathy. This is why visiting a skilled expert on spinal pain like those at Freedom Spine & Pain Center is important. Our experts can accurately determine the cause of your pain.

A thorough examination may be done, consisting of simple tests that can be used to identify the sacroiliac joint as the culprit. We can also utilize an injection that will effectively numb the sacroiliac joint. If the pain stops, then we know that the sacroiliac joint is the cause and can properly diagnose sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

How Do Sacral Lateral Branch Blocks Work?

Sacral lateral branch blocks are injections into the nerves of the sacroiliac joint that will numb and prevent the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. Once the injections have been determined to be effective, radiofrequency ablation can be used to provide long-term treatment.

Radiofrequency ablation utilizes a small needle heated up and injected into the nerve to stun them and interrupt pain signals. This can last for up to six months.

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